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Sel'ved', статья - супер!--Jarmanj Turtash 05:21, 11 Ноябрьков 2010 (UTC)

Рад стараться! :) Sel'ved'

Немного об interwiki[витнемс-петнемс лисьмапрянзо]

Hello, and greetings from Finland. I don't understand your language at all, but I recommend you to think about this article's interwiki linkages between the genus Urtica and the species Urtica dioica. Otherwise the bots may mess up. Refer en:Nettle and en:Stinging Nettle. Thanks, --Höyhens 9 qershor 2011 01:02 (CEST)

ok, thank you!--Jarmanj Turtash 13:42, 9 Июньков 2011 (UTC)